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The end-to-end marketing system for entrepreneurs to out-market your competition

We've combined eight powerful platforms into one (Misaic eXtreme) to give you a systematic approach to out-market your competition!

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Gain a Competitive Advantage

Learn the most innovative marketing strategies to get ahead of your competition. With access to online video training and the regular eXtreme Marketing Forums (Live Webcasts), You'll be continously in tune with the stategies that will enable you to reach the next level.

  • eXtreme Marketing Machine Bootcamp
  • Marketiivity e-Course
  • eXtreme Markeitng Live Forum (every 3 weeks)
  • Success Strategies Vidoe Series
  • Premiere Access to Live Event Training
  • ...and more.

Maximize Your Marketing Effectiveness

Imagine if you knew exactly who is opening your emails, reading your tweets and engaging on your website.
Wouldn’t you want to focus more marketing attention on those leads? With the Misaic Marketing Tracking & Optimization Platform, you can.Target directly, track what’s working and pivot to achieve even better results.

Marketing is not only online. We've built the most powerful tracking and optimization system to measure both online and offline marketing, print, direct mail, networking, events and more!

Automate Like Never Before

Watch your revenue accelerate when you optimze the marketing process from the begining leveraging powerful tools like text-opt in, mobible lead capture, marketing communications (socail and email), all accessible through one simple eXtreme platform.

Grow Exponentially via Affiliate Partnerships

Leveraging the Misaic Affiliate Marketing Platform, a quick and easy way to get even more customers, acquire affiliates and secure fruitful partnerships. This platform makes it simple for your best customers, clients and partners to refer your products and services through their social network, email marketing, and even a mobile application for the most valuable networking situations.

Expand Your Brand, Reach and Engagement

Picture this: your audience doesn’t need to visit a third party website to access your video conferences or webcasts...instead, be building your brand.
Host your own forums, events, trainings and more directly from your company website. And it gets even better: the Misaic Webcast & Social Broadcasting Platform makes it possible to connect live video to your social media outlets so you can reach the masses in real time.

Additionally, this unprecedented platform lets you control your own advertising so you can setup your own revenue generating streams from your online network...even sell your own products and services during your broadcasts.

Monetize Your Intellectual Property

Leverage your intellectual property to build your list, bring on even more customers and create additional revenue streams. Host and manage all of your content through membership access, paid or unpaid business models, whether your doing podcasts, ebooks, videos, live broadcasts...your knowledge and content can generate you thousands of leads and potentially huge sums of money.

Convert Online & Offline Leads With Ease

Harness the power of Misaic Funnel Creation Platform to create full marketing funnels to convert online and offline traffic. Whether you want to build a custom landing page supported by an email drip campaign or use a direct mailer with a simple call to action, this is the ultimate platform for you to build your list and convert even more sales online.

Execute Next Generation Disruptive Innovation

At Misaic, we're always working on the next generation marketing strategies, tools and innovations. You'll have access through the eXtreme Marketing Innovation Platform to be at the leading edge to out-market your competition. For example, imagine targeting your prospects online every day by only having their physical mailing address through our Misaic M3 program. Or, what if you could know what chapter your readers were on in your physical book so you could send appropriate marketing messages to them? Check out our new "Misaic Book Smarter" Program.

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